In the modern world, criminal investigations are carried out by professionals. All scientific methods are applied to trace the crimes so that no innocent can be called in the question.

On the other hand, In Pakistan, there are no such significant methods of investigation. Consequently, the crime rate increases every year, thousands of innocent people are behind bars, deprived of justice. The solution to all these problems is to recruit professionals who know the scientific procedure of tracing crime well. Thus it would also be a fruitful cause for those having degrees in criminology but lacking job opportunities. Criminologists hold significant knowledge and scientific methodology which, undoubtedly, would reduce the crime rate.

In our society, the police register the first investigation report (FIR) by the complainant or plaintiff and ignore the formal procedure of investigation. It’s all due to the unprofessionalism of the police. One can often see the procedure of police at crime scenes in Pakistan; they interrogate the witnesses first and ignore the crime scene. Until and unless scientific techniques are not applied, no positive result in the de-escalation of crime can be seen.

This is the scientific era. Therefore we should follow science without any delay and recruit only professionals. Similarly, we should ignore unscientific and untrue fabricated stories, because science believes in facts rather than cooked up stories. As said by Blake Edwards “Nothing matters but facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game”. Therefore we should leave the traditional practice of investigation and use scientific methods.

Chapter 25 of Police Rules 1934 deals with the investigation processes. It necessitates that investigators unearth the truth behind cases under investigation which principally entails that the investigation must not blindly follow the content of the FIR. But the actual facts of the case should be uncovered and a deaf ear should be turned to made-up stories.