KARACHI - The Pakistan Railways on Saturday announced to run four special trains on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.

A Spokesperson for Pakistan Railway said the first train would depart on 28 July from Karachi Cantt at 11:45 am and would reach Rawalpindi on 29 July at 04:30pm. The second special train would depart from Karachi City on 29 July from Karachi City at 11:45 and would reach to Rawalpindi next day at 3:00pm.

The third train would depart from Karachi Cantt on 30 July at 07:30pm and would reach its destination Lahore on 31 July at 05:30pm. The fourth train would depart from Rawalpindi on 30 July from Rawalpindi at 04:00pm and would reach Multan on next day at 05:15pm.