ISLAMABAD - Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani has asked the PTI government to sum­mon special sitting of the Senate on August 5 to condemn India’s unilater­al decision to revoke the special status of Occupied Kashmir. A year before, on August 5, Prime Minis­ter Narendra Modi’s cen­tral government in a con­troversial decision had annexed the Indian Occu­pied Kashmir (IOK) and curfew was clamped, and internet connections and mobile phone services were severed to quell any possible unrest in the res­tive region. The Senate Secretariat on the direc­tions of chairman Senate has written a letter to the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs for summoning the special session of up­per house on August 5. The letter referred to the ruling of the chairman Senate given during the sitting of house on July 22 that “a special session of the Senate may be sum­moned by the govern­ment” on the said date. The chairman in his rul­ing said that the house in the special sitting would express “soli­darity with Kashmiris of the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and mark one year of unprecedented atroci­ties, genocide, blatant human rights viola­tions and complete lock down by Indian Occu­pation Force following the amendment in In­dian constitution.” The amendment changed the special status of IOK in violation of the UN reso­lutions and international law, he had added.