KARACHI - The current bullish spell at stock market is being seen as a momentary boom and temporary support for the market that was earlier nosediving because of political chaos and different speculations. The recent rescue measures of the SECP and KSE regarding ban on short-selling and reduction in the lower circuit breaker to one per cent, from 5 per cent and increase in upper circuit breaker to 10 per cent have given much-needed support to the fast-eroding equities at stock market, sources in capital market said, adding this support would prove momentary as the ongoing unending political tug of war in the country and critical economic condition would again dominate the stock market in coming few days. Sources said that during the past two days the KSE-100 index had gained more than 1200 points due to SECP-KSE rescue measures. The stock market could gain further strength this week, but in coming days it would be again in grip of uncertainty because of political chaos and economic deterioration. Introduction of new rules will provide temporary relief to most investors for the next month and help those who were stuck, to have a choice to exit the market comfortably or continue. Small investors and brokers were grousing that "if the SECP and KSE had introduced such rules earlier, we would not have gone through massive losses," They said that almost all small investors have wiped off from the stock market due to the recent turmoil in the market has seen the index plunge by more than 4,000 points in the last 2 months, adding that at the time when small investors were doing their utmost for their survival none of the both institutions had come to rescue them but when the pain of core brokers was beyond their endurance in terms of financial losses, the SECP and KSE had to take such steps in order to provide relief to them. Brokers said that although new rules will be more beneficial for core brokers and artificial measures to provide breathing space for the investors and brokers but the decisions were wisely taken at a time when the market could have snowballed into downwards even further with margin calls and liquidity problems. Brokers said that at least brokers and investors could sleep peacefully with the thought that the downside is only 1 per cent under the burgeoning political instability, along with the threat of a further discount rate hike looming ahead. "Such steps of KSE and SECP are not a long term solution, but it will avert further erosion in the stock market in the short run," brokers said. Interestingly majority of the brokers and analysts were seemed confused over commenting on the market behaviour in coming days after the introduction of new rules, they even confused about predicting the trend of market in the ongoing week but they were of the view that market will soon come off the positive track. Brokers expressed their concerns that the figures of portfolio investment in the share markets are painting gloomy picture of foreign investment. Foreign investors are still disappeared from the stock markets amid continued political uncertainty in the country. "If the political conditions remain volatile the foreign investment would continue to wobble and may witness further down grading in the investment," brokers said.