KARACHI - As many as 10,421 cases of police tortures have been reported during the last 10 years, revealed the report issued by Madadgaar database on Thursday. According to President of Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid, Zia Awan, the current police system has become obsolete and rotten and as a result the condition of innocent people and victims has become pathetic. The government has not taken any positive steps for the improvement of system and enforcement of laws while the civil society and political parties are also not taking stand for positive changes or proper implementation of police ordinance in order to pressurise the incumbent government to bring long awaited change. Awan said that under Pakistani laws, the police had to produce suspects before a judicial magistrate within 24 hours of their arrest and seek physical remand - legal permission to extract evidence from the accused. However, the procedures are seldom followed. 'Since there is usually no record of who is taken in and released, nobody from outside the police station can prove any wrongdoing, said a police sub-inspector on condition of anonymity. Now newly elected government has promised to make reforms in the police department, and make it 'people-friendly. Activists would like to see changes in the laws to 'curtail the powers of police and make their working more transparent by introducing monitoring committees of citizens, lawyers and NGOs. According to Madadgaar database report in the mid of 2009 i.e. January to June nationwide 695 reported cases of police torture occurred in which 174 boys, 45 girls, 198 women and 278 males were became the victims of police torture. The provincial break up of total figure indicates that 41 cases were reported from Balochistan, 98 from NWFP, 324 from Punjab and 232 cases were reported from Sindh. Crime and violence ratio is increasing in Punjab very rapidly as the majority of cases were from Punjab. The trend of less reporting is seen from Balochistan and NWFP but it does not mean that there is less violence in these areas. The nature of abuse includes 87 cases of murders, 99 rape cases, 124 illegal detentions, 287 physical tortures, and 98 harassment cases. The data shows that the graph of police torture/violence on people is increasing day by day. A further analysis reveals that 259 cases occurred at police stations, 98 at victims residence, and 103 at public places, 125 in private jails, 110 cases were reported in jail. Multan came top of the list in major cities of abuse in 2009 while Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Karachi, Sukkur, Khairpur, Nawabshah Hyderabad and Gujranwala remained conspicuous for high rate of police torture incidents. According to the previous reports, within last 10 years from January 2000 to June 2009 there were 10,421 cases of police torture. Out of total (231) cases were reported in 2000, 555 in 2001, 996 in 2002, 838 in 2003, 1,260 in 2004, 1,356 in 2005, 1,662 in 2006, 1,723 in 2007, 1,105 in 2008 while till the mid of current year January to June 2009, 695 cases of police tortured were already recorded by Madadgaar data base team. According to report, 423 girls, 656 boys, 7,885 males and 1,457 females were the victims of police torture during the last ten years. The provincial break up of ten years total figure shows that 189 cases were reported from Balochistan, 711 from NWFP, 6,250 from Punjab and 3,271 from Sindh.