PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain has rightly drawn attention to the ill-judged official policy to tackle the discontent in Balochistan. This has provided India an opportunity to fish in troubled waters but, strangely, while evidence of its involvement in the province as well as FATA has been found, the matter has never been raised at international forums like the UN. On the other hand, New Delhi raises a hue and cry against Pakistan every time there is trouble there, even when it has had no role in fomenting it. The lapse needs to be explained to the public. However, the most important point that comes out of the interview that Ch Shujaat has given to The Nation is the need to grant the people of Balochistan their due rights. If they were to be treated fairly in the exploitation of the province's resources and given their legitimate rights, not only would that strengthen the federation, but there would also be little likelihood of an outside power playing its dirty tricks. He was absolutely right in saying that "the active volcano" of Balochistan was a political issue that ruled out the military option. The wrong government approach is a constant source of turmoil and has resulted in incidents of killing in the past as well as now. The government seems to be toying with the idea of convening an all parties' conference to go into the issue and come up with a solution. But the recommendations of the Balochistan parliamentary committee already exist, and while Ch Shujaat was its chairman, nothing was done to implement them. He had better explain the reasons that prevented him from doing so. As the PML-Q President pointed out, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had hailed these recommendations and one expected they would be put into effect. The political leadership should realise the dangers of prolonging the issue in a country that is beset with so many other problems, economic, social, law and order, militancy, etc. There is no logic in foot dragging.