ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA)s water sampling tests have revealed that most of the Internally Displaced Persons residing in camps of Mardan are being provided contaminated water. Considering the importance of the quality of water for IDPs, in recent past the federal minister for environment directed Pak-EPA to check drinking water quality being supplied to IDPs camps of Sheikh Yaseen Town, Sheikh Shahzad Town and Jalala Camp at Mardan District. Accordingly, the team of the Pak-EPA took samples at different points. On May 28, 2009, the results of IDPs Camps Water Samplings Report compiled, which revealed that the water quality was unsafe for drinking. The report available with the TheNation showed that out of 10 samples obtained from these camps, 9 were found biologically contaminated. Following the instructions, the team has taken samples of the boring water and tank water of the IDPs camps of Sheikh Yaseen Town, Sheikh Shahzad Town and Jalala Camp for second time. The test results of the second sampling showed no contamination elements found in the water that could prove harmful for human health. It is to be mentioned here that although the results of various investigations and surveys have indicated that water pollution has become a serious problem in Pakistan and most of the reported health problems are directly or indirectly related to water quality. However, very little have been done so far for improving the quality of life of citizens by reducing consequence of death and illness caused by water borne diseases through provision of safe drinking water to the entire population. But unfortunately, approval of the policy and National Drinking Water Quality Standards is still awaited that could lessen the miseries of citizens regarding water crisis, especially in hot summer season when they faced extreme water shortage.