DNA tests are the latest innovation through which criminal cases as well as other complex issues faced by people are being settled with finality. Their ingenuity has been proved to such an extent that in foreign countries, the rape cases are almost entirely decided on the evidence of DNA tests and the culprits promptly punished. Many minor children separated from their parents during the Asian Tsunamis and other catastrophes of this nature were united with their families through the DNA tests. In one particular case there were nine claimants of a small baby. The DNA tests found the right parents. The rape/gang-rape cases have become a matter of routine in our country because the culprits, if caught at all, are not awarded deterrent punishments. While the advanced countries are dealing with such cases with modern methods, we are still caught in the good old 'four eyewitnesses syndrome'. I was highly disappointed to read about a recent case presented to a full bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Khalil-ur-Rahman Ramday. The court dismissed the utility of DNA tests on the plea that the "medical laboratories in Pakistan do not have the capacity to present accurate results". What a flimsy excuse One felt like crying on the apathy of our judicial system. -RAFI NASIM, Lahore, via e-mail, June 19.