ISLAMABAD - Presidency has clarified reports in a section of press that the President in a meeting at Karachi on Wednesday directed to give extra water to Sindh at the expense of Punjab. Spokesperson of the President Farhatullah Babar said that water distribution is made by IRSA with the consent of the provinces after taking into account their requirements, water availability and the discharge level at various points. He said that due to dip, discharge at Guddu had reduced and to meet the situation IRSA had already taken a number of decisions. These decisions included not raising further the reservoir level of Terbela so as to increase the inflow down stream, increase releases from Mangla by 5000 Cusecs and to temporarily reduce the discharge of Taunsa-Panjand Link. The IRSA meeting, in which these decisions were taken, was also participated by its member from Punjab, officials from WAPDA and provinces were on board, he said. The Spokesperson also said that the meeting in Karachi was merely informed about the redistribution as already decided by IRSA with the consent of all the stakeholders. IRSA also informed that the arrangement did not adversely affect the water share of any province and the redistribution was temporary lasting for 4-5 days to meet the dip in the discharge at Guddu. He said that the water inflow in Terbela had been reduced because the snow has not melted in upstream due to low temperature. Now the temperature was rising and the snow started melting, the dip in Guddu had already started rising and the situation will further improve in the next week. The reports that the President decided on water distribution to the detriment of any province are therefore not correct, the Spokesperson said.