THE Executive Committee of the Punjab Bar Council has ordered fresh elections for the presidential slot of the Lahore High Court Bar Association on July 11. It is also of the view that the Vice President cannot take over as President even when the slot becomes vacant, something that was the bone of contention between the two lawyer groups. But it is rather comforting to hear that the parties concerned have shown their willingness to contest the elections, albeit halfheartedly, because earlier the argument given by the lawyer bodies was that the Punjab Bar Council was not superior but just parallel to the LHCBA and thus could not intervene. Given the way both the groups, the one led by Munawar Iqbal Gondal and the other by Hamid Khan, had been clashing, the standing of the legal community had greatly suffered in the eye of the public. It should be remembered that lawyers had gained in public estimation in view of the persistence, dignity and strength of character they had shown during the movement for the restoration of the judiciary. It bears pointing out that such clashes prove harmful for the bar and the bench, which affects the dispensation of justice in the broader perspective. The coming elections will hopefully straighten things out. Both lawyer groups must realize that negotiations and not fisticuffs are a respectable way of reaching a settlement. Moreover a fresh chance would be provided to the legal fraternity to reclaim its rightful status in society.