LAHORE - By appointing Advocate General Punjab (AGP) according to the November 3 Provisional Constitutional Order of Pervez Musharraf, the PML-N seemed to have tacitly and discreetly recognised the constitutional amendments introduced by the former Chief of the Army Staff. Raza Farooq, the son of former Attorney General Pakistan Ch Muhammad Farooq and nephew of Supreme Court judge Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday, was notified as the AGP according to the Musharrafs Constitutional amendments, which he bestowed upon himself through a PCO, while holding dual office. Prior to the November 3 PCO, the Article 140 of the Constitution envisages that the Governor of each province will appoint a person as the Advocate-General qualified to be appointed as a Judge of the High Court. While qualifications of a High Court judge are mentioned in Article 193. As per the said Article a person will not be appointed a Judge of a High Court unless he is a citizen of Pakistan, and is not less than 45 years of age. However, when General (r) Musharraf imposed emergency and introduce PCO on November 3, 2007, he made amendment in the Article 193 (2), by virtue of which the age limit for a High Court judge was reduced to 40. He did so to make several appointments in different High Courts to overcome the judicial crisis. His appointed judges are still working. Now the Punjab govt of the PML-N has appointed Raza Farooq as AGP according to the Musharrafs amendment, who is a much-hated General of the N-Leaguers. This is substantiated by the fact that the newly-appointed AGP is 42-year-old, and he told The Nation that he was under 45. My appointment is constitutional. My Party (PML-N) has a principle stand that it does not recognise 17th amendment made through the Legal Framework Order (LFO), and accepts Constitution of pre-October 12,1999 status, he averred. He further added that prior to military takeover in 1999, a 40-year-old person was eligible for the post of High Court Judge and AGP, which was amended, and age limit was fixed at 45. It was a mistake, but rectified later, he said, while mentioning that the Charter of Democracy (CoD) envisaged that the 17th amendment should be abolished. Interestingly, about two months back, Raza Farooq was inducted in the 'Legal Officialdom of the provincial government, as Additional Advocate General. He could have been appointed as AGP even then, as the slot was vacant, but he was appointed as Acting AGP at that time for reasons better known to the N-Leagues brains. Despite repeated attempts, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan was not available for comments. Legal expert Syed Sajjad Haider commented that amendments, made in the Constitution through the LFO, were approved by the Parliament with two-thirds majority, and now these were part of the sacred document, desecrated and trampled upon repeatedly. The LFO is the part of the Constitution whether someone or a party accepts it or not. It makes no difference, he opined. The PML-N used to assert that those who had trampled upon the Constitution, would be trampled upon in turn. Even to date, Musharraf is roaming around as free citizen, while the N-League is making appointments as per his Constitution, said the lawyer, while demanding of the political parties to come out of their rhetoric and take tangible steps for doing away with the 'Constitutional remnants of the former General.