"It is one of the tragedies of the 1930s that those who suffered due to the aggression by Germans, Italians and Japanese looked through out to Britain for protection. Unfortunately, it was beyond Britain's capacity, given its global strategic balancing act in the face of so many aggressors, to go to the aid of Abyssinians, Czechoslovaks, or Chinese when called upon to do so". That is how Ashley Jackson describes the inability of Great Britain to protect her 500 million subjects. Remember this incapability beset an 'Empire' that consisted of forty-eight dominions and colonies pitched across the globe. Great Britain then, was the world's greatest nation in terms of volume of trade and possession of sea routes. It had 250 warships loaded with modern naval hardware floating on these sea routes. There is a moral lesson to be learnt here as far as the great empire of the contemporary world is concerned. -SABIR ALI, Lahore, via e-mail, June 20.