This is with reference to atrocities done by the Taliban in Parachinar. The surprising thing is that Pakistani security forces have not attempted to free Parachinar from the captivity of Taliban. If you ask any local of Parachinar, he will tell you that these Taliban are the cruelest of human beings who have virtually cutoff the entire Parachinar from the rest of Pakistan. Taliban have captured approximately 2000 sq km of the area. Since Parachinar was inhabited by a peaceful minority sect, the Taliban have been very harsh with the vanquished people, often slaughtering those they capture. I have seen the pictures of people cut into numerous pieces. Parachinar is no more accessible from Pakistan but can only be reached from Afghanistan. The same route is being used by local traders to provide food items and other supplies in the area. In July last year when PPP tried sending five trucks loaded with food for hungry people of Parachinar, the Taliban shot dead the drivers and burned the trucks. I appeal to the government to take notice of the Taliban atrocities in Parachinar and launch an operation to free our people. -DR FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, via e-mail, June 19.