I wish to draw your attention to an important issue that relates to conservation of the greenest spot in Pakistan. The government of Punjab has announced in the recent budget that it will construct 23 additional houses in GOR-I Lahore for grade 20 bureaucrats. Apart from being a gross waste of money, there is an aesthetic aspect to it also. GOR-I is the greenest spot in Pakistan. It was one of the finest things the British left for us. During the government of Chaudhrys in Punjab, almost 80 percent of the GOR has been destroyed. Lush gardens were destroyed to make way for country houses of Chaudhrys' favorite bureaucrats like Hassan Waseem Afzal. Fully functional graceful colonial era buildings were torn down. Now only a few buildings and gardens are left. I have no love for the bureaucrats and am committed only to Pakistan's architectural and ecological heritage. The gardens, flora and fauna must be preserved for future generations. The Chaudhrys were such louts that nobody expected them to have any regard for greenery and conservation but Shahbaz Sharif is a different man who possesses a head and heart. There is an almost exactly a similar GOR in New Delhi also and despite the fact that India has population of more than a billion and a bureaucracy eight times our size, they have perfectly preserved their GQR as an architectural heritage of their colonial past. I request you to do something about it. Even a brief mention of this in your newspaper can save the remaining gardens. -OSAMA MUSTAFA, LUMS, Lahore, June 25.