LAHORE - The Punjab Assembly on Thursday completed the process of giving its assent to grants for demands for various provincial departments amounting to Rs 489 billion, rejecting cut motions of the Opposition. The Assembly had approved grants for demands concerning the departments of health and police on Wednesday. The House rejected cut motions moved by the Opposition in respect of demands for grants for the departments of health, education, police and trading in food grains and sugar. The PA Speaker did not allow discussion on rest of the demands for grants, as he decided to exercise his power of applying guillotine, and hence got approved the remaining demands within no time. The Assembly approved Rs 90.26 billion for wheat and sugar trade, Rs 5.414 billion for agriculture, Rs 26.7 billion for Sasti Roti Scheme and Food Support Programme, Rs 21.267 billion for education, Rs 43.22 billion for police, Rs 8.596 billion for irrigation, Rs 86.22 billion for power, Rs 1.16 billion for housing and physical planning and Rs 9.169 billion for administration. Budget allocations for other departments were also approved by the Assembly. The Opposition opposed allocations for Sasti Roti Scheme, Police, Health and some other departments. Meanwhile, Punjab Minister for Finance Tanvir Ashraf Kaira announced one-month salary as bonus for all employees of the Punjab Assembly for making remarkable arrangements for the budget session. He also assured the House that all practicable suggestions of legislators would be included in the budget. The session was adjourned till Friday morning. Earlier, senior PPP parliamentarian from Multan, Syed Nazim Hussain Shah on a point of order lauded the services of assembly employees and security officials for making excellent arrangements for the budget session. He recommended one-month bonus salary for the employees in recognition of their hard work. 'PPP must implement CoD' Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Punjab, Malik Muhammad Afzal Khokhar has said the abolition of 17th amendment is necessary for the survival of democracy in the country. In a statement here Thursday, the MNA said that the PML-N from the very beginning was in favor of ending extra-constitutional amendments in the Constitution. He said that in the presence of 17th amendment the political harmony could not promote among the democratic forces. He said the PPP should think over it seriously and ensure the implementation of the Charter of Democracy (CoD).