MAKING it clear that peace with Pakistan cannot be a 'one-way traffic, Indian Defence Minister AK Antony on Thursday said strong action against anti-India militant groups operating from its territory is a 'precondition for this process. The minister also cautioned that the problems confronting Pakistan, a nation facing 'turmoil from within, could easily spill over. We must be vigilant about the happenings on our western border, while at the same time, try to make peace with our neighbour, he said while addressing the Unified Commanders Conference in New Delhi, reported Press Trust of India (PTI). Antony said there were forces at work that did not wish well for India. It is imperative for our armed forces to be prepared to face any challenge to our security that could in turn affect our growing economic prosperity, he said. Peace with Pakistan cannot be a one-way traffic. Surely a precondition for peace lies in Pakistan taking strong action against anti-India groups operating from its territory, he said. The Defence Minister expressed concern over Pakistan inducting highly-sophisticated defence equipment, 'many of which are really not meant to develop its capacity to fight terror. Referring to cross-border infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir, Antony said while it had declined in recent years, Pakistan was unable to check terrorist attacks originating from its soil. In 2008, acts of terrorism were carried out in Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore and Delhi. The attack on Mumbai was the most audacious of terror attacks in the Indian hinterland, he added. About his proposed meeting with US National Security Advisor (NSA) James Jones on Friday (today), Antony told reporters that the security situation in the region, especially Afghanistan, was likely to figure among other issues in the discussions. We are going to discuss the security scenario around us. While discussing this, we cannot avoid Afghanistan. Taliban is a threat to world peace and threat to our region and a threat to India also, he said.