LAHORE - Farmers representatives and water experts on Thursday disclosed that there would be no water for Rabi crops for Punjab province if the IRSA authorities would have to comply with the orders of the President Asif Ali Zardari. They also feared that the decision would almost destroy the agricultural sector in the Punjab province, which is producing about 70 per cent of the countrys agriculture produce. They also expressed their reservations over the Presidents intervention in the water distribution formula stating that the representative of Punjab in IRSA was not even taken into confidence and the President ordered the IRSA Chairman to close down the Taunsa-Panjnad canal to improve the water situation in Sindh, depriving Punjab of its due share and putting the agriculture sector of the province at high risk. They also demanded the Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to immediately withdraw the representative of Punjab from IRSA as a protest and strongly oppose all such efforts and formulate a clear-cut policy for the future so that no further loss of water is transferred to Punjab. This is the time to fill the dams and if they could not fill, as President has ordered the IRSA not to store water in the dams, the Punjab province would face worst water shortage by the end of Kharif crops. And there would be no water in Punjab for Rabi crops. Then what will happen to the agriculture sector of the province, no one could even imagine, a high-ranking official and water expert told The Nation, when contacted, requesting his name not to be mentioned. Pakistan Muthidda Kisan Mahaz (PMKM) has strongly opposed the Presidents intervention in the existing water distribution formula. The Chief of the PMKM Ayub Khan Mayo said that decision of Asif Ali Zardari to reduce the flows of water from Taunsa-Panjnad to improve water situation in Sindh, is contrary to the status of the President. He said that the President ignored the representative of Punjab in the meeting held in Karachi, and ordered the IRSA Chairman to ensure water distribution among the provinces in line with 1991 water accord, and Sindhs due share from Mangla dam. Ayub Khan Mayo termed the Presidents decision as a conspiracy to create difference among the provinces and said that it was totally injustice with the people of Punjab. We consider the President as the symbol of Federation of Pakistan but this act would lead to create differences among the provinces, Ayub Mayo added. He also demanded the President to immediately withdraw his orders in this regard and shun politics on such sensitive issues at a time when Pakistan is already facing sever security challenges both on the internal and external fronts. The Presidents decision of giving Punjabs water share to Sindh, would incite hatred among the provinces besides instigating provincialism in the country, he added. The Punjab Water Council terming the decision of the President Asif Ali Zardari as unconstitutional and illegal, has announced to challenge his orders. Addressing a Press conference on Thursday at Lahore Press Club, the representatives of Punjab Water Council Ibad Khan, Rabia Sultan, Umar Cheema and Tariq Bucha said that they would never accept this order of the President. We will raise our voice against this act of the President at every form. They further said that President had pressurised IRSA Chairman as he summoned him to Karachi for this purpose. They also said that the government is not ready to construct Kala Bagh Dam on one hand and on other, the Punjab is being deprived of its water share, which is injustice. According to the experts, ever since 1991 water distribution has been based on the 1977-82 historical uses but in 2003 Punjab was forced into another compromise by accepting Para 2 a, above 103 MAF which previously stood at 114 MAF. This step also caused a loss to Punjabs share. The Punjab Water Council had strongly opposed this but Punjab policymakers paid no heed to it. The provinces were changing positions after the 1991 Water Accord. In this situation, instead of planning the development, all efforts are being made to reduce Punjabs share. Therefore, the Punjab Water Council has been demanding the cancellation of IRSA Act. It is quite clear that the rising shortage of water to farmers of Punjab is another attempt to weaken the political government of Punjab, they added. The Punjab Water Council also demanded the Punjab chief minister to present the view point of Punjab in a strong manner to prevent the illegal intervention of the President. The people of Punjab especially the farmers will not give in to these tactics, they added.