NOW that the Lahore High Court has finally ordered the demolition of the security wall and other barriers erected around the GOR-1, there should be no delay in dismantling them. They are causing a big inconvenience to the public. The Court in its ruling says that the authorities could set up makeshift security arrangements, but not resort to measures like erecting walls or blocking thoroughfares. One cannot help but agree with the judge who stated that if the officers had life threats then they had better quit their jobs. Put simply, the security walls that have been built virtually at every nook and cranny of the enclave provide a peep into the mindset of our bureaucratic establishment. While they live in houses that look like fortresses and move about, heavily guarded, in large convoys at the cost of taxpayers, they do not seem to show much concern about the security of the common man. Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, whose secretariat happens to be there, cannot escape the blame for sealing it off.