Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had recently made an announcement that his government would soon forward a proposal to commute all death sentences into life imprisonments. No progress has been made on the matter, though. Hundreds of inmates were released under Presidential remission on passing of the 18th Amendment but what about the promise made by PM? The conditions in jails of Pakistan are horrific and those that languish in their unbearable misery do so in blatant violation of their human rights. They are faced with life-hazardous conditions, sardines-in the-box overcrowding, physical and sexual abuse and a general criminal negligence of the jail officials to their well-being. The suicide rates are high due to extremely cruel and inhuman treatment meted out to them by the state. Having considered all this, also consider the fact that about 65 percent of those condemned to death row are innocent or are victims of a faulty judicial system. A number of condemned prisoners have already spent their time in jails, some way more than their sentence, even equivalent to two or three sentences. They are virtually crippled, basket cases often stricken with TB or AIDS, some having lost their mental balance waiting for the deathly slow criminal justice system to decide their fate. Only 35 to 40 percent of these prisoners can be termed criminals in the real sense. Islam, as well as human rights, decree that allowing hanging of convicts in a corrupt, cumbersome and cruel justice system such as ours is a crime itself. The most unfair bit of all is that those that are accused of high crimes often get a Presidential pardon and those who deserve to be reprieved face a death penalty. PMs promise should be fulfilled because it would give life to those that are dying everyday for crimes they may actually have not committed.-LUBNA KHALIL, Lahore, June 19.