The massive cut in the budget of Higher Education Commission (HEC) has been shocking. Education in this country is being treated as a high class luxury that can be simply ignored whenever the need be. On the other hand, our Law Minister with a fake doctoral degree, is running from one city to another in the southern Punjab to dole out a largesse of eight crore rupees among the lawyers to win their allegiance. The nation was also befooled by the Finance Minister who proposed a small reduction in the salaries of MPAs, MNAs and Senators. In actual fact, in lieu of that piffling reduction in salaries, they are now going to get a whopping increase in their perks. The other day, a television channel showed us the armada of huge gleaming SUVs that our legislators had ridden to attend the Parliament session in Islamabad. I for one simply cannot believe that people who use these vehicles can do anything for the poor masses. The gleam and sheen of these super-luxury vehicles is disgusting in a country where the common people are dying of starvation, selling their children and committing suicides in hordes. Irrespective of the party they are fromwhether from the ruling coalition or the friendly oppositioneach of these legislators is a criminal that is oblivious to the miseries of people. They talk endlessly of people and the mandate people have given them but that is only to underscore their right to plunder peoples assets for a full five years. The time is not too far when people would attack these shocks of luxury they are riding in and smash windscreens and windows to drag them out to lynch. Pity the rulers that are unable to see beyond their noses-REHMAT ALI BANGASH, Rawalpindi, June 25.