The reactions of government of Pakistan on some very important developments these days are very strange, to say the least. Islamabad seems ready to go to any length to please the masters in Washington. Prime Minister Gilani, for instance, recently said that as a member of the international community, Pakistan has to follow the international rules regarding sanctions on Iran. That is outrageous coming from someone who must know as chief executive of the country how vital the Pak-Iran gas pipeline is for us in the effort to cope with an energy crisis almost existential in nature. That sort of statements make some say there is no government in Islamabad, mere managers receiving their instructions from Washington. How does the Washington treat its minions in Islamabad? A recent RAND Corporation report has said that Pakistan has not quit the habit of courting insurgents and their extremist networks whose current or former ties with Islamabad pose a significant risk to the US as well as to Pakistan itself. This is yet another ploy, through a Pentagon-funded organisation this time, to pressurise on Pakistan to take the blame for Washingtons failures in war on terror. So sure enough, on the day when the 46-nation NSG begins a four-day meeting in New Zealand to take up a Chinese plan to provide two nuclear reactors to Pakistan, the RAND Corporation has urged the United States government to reconsider its policies towards Pakistan. The RAND Corporation has also suggested that the US should offer 'a criteria-based N-deal to Pakistan instead of sending it to the Nuclear Suppliers Group. This clearly indicates that another trap for Pakistans nuclear program is being laid which Pakistan must reject in unequivocal terms.-SHUMAILA RAJA, Rawalpindi, June 24.