The Pew Research Center for people and press is an American research organization; Andrew Kohut is the current President of this organization. Few days back this center released a survey report that revealed that Pakistan continues with conditions in their country, roughly nine-in-ten (92%) are dissatisfied with the countrys direction. This survey was conducted in April and during May 8 to 15, exactly after six days of Abbottabad operation by US forces in which Osama Bin laden was killed. During these days most of the people were annoyed from the security forces and the government because of US operation and Osamas presence in Pakistan. So it was obvious that the poll would get 'No to a question like, Are you satisfied with present conditions? Poll questionnaire was also based on two exceptions yes or no. Had Pew Research Center conducted such survey in US soon after 9/11, it would have got even worst result than this. 100% of US population would have shown dissatisfaction against their government. Meanwhile, only 1251 and 1,970 Pakistanis participated in this poll, which is very small ratio of the total population. In fact it is small enough to generalize such an important poll and reflect the feeling of the entire Pakistani public. Such poll research results do not truly reflect the thinking of the public. Pakistan is a country with 180 million of population; PRC should have not involved such a small number of people as it is responsible research organization. Secondly, people of the Pakistan are facing various problems, and there are different conditions in different provinces like Khyber Pakhtookhwa and Balochistan where people are facing menace of terrorism and poverty. Whereas a large number of the population in Sindh and Punjab still reeling from the affects of the floods of last year. Definitely, one cannot expect satisfaction and peace of mind from those who are being attacked by drones and suicide bombings each day. PRC should have realized that we are fighting war against extremism as a frontline state. PRC has also revealed that popularity graph of President Asif Ali Zardari was decreased to 11% which was 20% last year. People cannot show dissatisfaction to a person who has delivered his power to the parliament, who has empowered a common person with constitutional reforms. The way PRCs poll has been addressed and propagated is questionable and it does not seem to be transparent pool. PRC might have selected a portion or a segment of population which may not necessarily be the true representative of our society. In such surveys the questionnaire are framed in way to achieve desired results. The methodology and the results of this poll can be challenged. SHAFIQ SOLANGI, Hyderabad, June 24.