NEW DELHI - Main Indian opposition party, Bharatiya Janata Party, has come out with an unusually strong response to what it called reports of attempts of compromise on the issue of Kashmir, Indian media reported. BJPs senior-most leader LK Advani said there were reports that India had readied compromise on its stand on Kashmir and presented in the talks took place in Pakistan. He warned that the people of India will not accept any compromise on the fact that Kashmir is an integral part of India. If there is any effort to turn the clock back on the issue, there will be such a nationwide agitation that cannot even be imagined today, he said. Calling Kashmir issue a 'gift of the Nehru family, Advani said We also get information time to time that an unofficial agreement has been done. The BJP is spread across the country, if any type of compromise on Kashmir is done and they try to turn the clock back to the situation before 1953, a nationwide agitation will take place. Advani blamed former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru for creating the 'Kashmir problem. Our countrymen should know that the Kashmir problem is Nehru familys special gift to the nation, he said. Our country has paid an incalculable price for Nehrujis failure to settle the Kashmir issue once and for all in Indias favour at the time of partition. Nehrujis blunder was totally avoidable, he added.