FAISALABAD - Like past years, International Anti Narcotics Day will be celebrated in Faisalabad, the provinces third largest city here on Sunday (today) with the renewal of pledge and passion to curb the menace of narcotics use and sale in the city. However, the true picture of the city is that the number of narcotics users has increased to an alarming extent. Majority of the city areas including green belts, parks and other public places are seen filled with the drug addicts and district police and district administration despite repeated claims have failed to control the menace. It has also been learnt that majority of the medical stores are busy in selling such medicines used as a substitute of narcotics without the prescription of doctors while the sale of various types of narcotics is also on the rise in the entire city. On the other hand, citizens allege that it seems the police have been in tacit agreement with drug peddlers and sellers as without the police consent it impossible for any body to sale drugs. People complain that the youth has been getting involved in such anti social and religious activities day by day. Therefore, the government should take appropriate steps to curb the menace on daily basis during 365 days of the year. Different intellectuals are of the view that worrying reports have emerged about the rising number of drug users in Pakistan. On the other hand, hectic efforts have been underway to not only to rehabilitate addicts but also to eradicate the smuggling and distribution networks. Citizens are of the view that after toppling of Taliban government in Afghanistan, the narcotics sales and supply into Pakistan has increased as its production has reached new heights in Afghanistan. They demanded that both governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan need to work together to fight the menace to save future of both the countries from ruin.