LAHORE In a classic example of the Punjab bureaucracys malfunctioning, the Punjab Finance Bill 2011 volleyed between the Governor House and the CM Secretariat as Punjab governor returned it with a valid objection. Later on, though, the blunder was rectified by CMs Baboos and the bill was resent to the governor, who immediately signed it. Governor Punjab Sardar Lateef Khan Khosa Saturday returned the Punjab Finance Bill 2011 to the Chief Ministers Secretariat asserting that Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif has violated the constitution by signing the draft. According to the letter written by the Governors Principal Secretary to CMs Secretary, the finance bill had been signed by the chief minister; whereas there is neither any provision in the constitution or rules that allow this nor there is any such precedent. The letter refers to Article 116(1) of the Constitution of Pakistan, which provides that when a bill has been passed by the provincial assembly, it shall be presented to the governor for assent. Accordingly, the signing of the bill by the chief minister is against the provisions of the constitution, it has been observed. The governor has demanded that the Punjab Finance Bill 2011 should be resubmitted to him for assent, as prescribed in the Article 116(1) of the constitution, 'without the signatures of the chief minister thereon forthwith so as to avoid any delay in the matter. The bill, which was passed on June 23 and was forwarded by the Punjab Assembly secretary on the same day, also carried signatures of Minister for Finance Kamran Michael. As per sources of the Punjab government, the 'unintended blooper was not a big issue, and the matter was resolved immediately after another letter was issued by the assembly secretariat. Two plausible reasons could be attributed to the incident. First, it could have been intentional and aimed at gauging the mood of the governor, that whether he signs it or not despite a constitutional violation. Second, the chosen Baboos of the CM were ignorant about the constitutional requirement. If this is the case, they need a refresher course for sure.