LAHORE At a time when the world community is observing International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, lack of governments interest has helped increase the menace with each passing day. The Day will be observed on Sunday (today) across the globe including Pakistan to renew pledge of continuing war against manufacturing and use of narcotics. Both at the government and private levels, seminars, workshops and walks are being organised in major cities including Lahore as per routine to mark the event with no practical steps to curb the menace to save the future of the country. All the exercise on a specific day and silence throughout the year is doing no service and the addicts are increasing gradually, thus putting the future of the country at stake. Over 5 million addicts lost their lives every year across the globe. Out of 200 million drug addicts worldwide, over 8 million are from Pakistan. These addicts consume drug over worth Rs 50 billion, thus wasting huge amount besides damaging health and disturbing the lives of other family members. Out of 8 million addicts in Pakistan, around 0.13 million, majority of them 14-18 years old youths, inject narcotics and out of these 80 per cent use common syringe, thus causing rapid increase in fatal diseases like HIV/Aids, hepatitis and cancer. Around 2 million use heroin, 1.1 million tranquilisers while 55,000 use opium. Availability of tranquilisers without prescription is causing rapid increase in addicts. It is shocking that the use of Charas has increased rapidly while among women and young girls use of Sheesha is increasing day-by-day particularly in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Sheesha is considered a fashion in upper class and is being used as a party drug especially among young people.