Known human history goes back to Stone Age when human beings were savages. Moral values and sanctity of life was unknown to all. The most powerful implemented his will and others had no choice but to follow him. Now those days have gone and human beings have civilized themselves. They have now learnt to live peacefully and cordially avoiding untoward incidents. Moral values, and code of conduct for spending life, mostly framed by religions have made world a place worth living. Unfortunately, in our society hooliganism and lawless less behaviour still prevails. In Mardan a young girl has been stoned and later shot dead who wanted life of her own choice. Accepting or asking for match of one's choice is the right Islam has given to females. One cannot insist on match against the choice of girl. Irony of fate is that the decision was taken by local jirga. Such ghastly incidents shock people and give impression that law of land seems nowhere to be existing. As the case has caught attention of media, all the criminals involved in the gory act should be rounded up for giving them exemplary punishment. Civil society members and social welfare organisations must also motivate people to resist such decisions. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, June 24.