Afghan President Hamid Karzai welcomes President Barack Obama's plans for a U.S. troops drawdown and says it's a sign that Afghanistan is ready to take control of security in the war-torn nation. "The number of troops that he has announced to be withdrawn is a sign that Afghanistan is taking over its own security and is trying to defend it territory by its own means," Karzai said in an interview with CNN that aired Sunday. "So we are happy about the announcement." As the United States pulls back, Karzai painted a picture of a more stable Afghanistan, despite the fact that May was the bloodiest month for Afghan civilians since 2007. "It is the responsibility of the Afghan people to protect their country and to provide security for the citizens of the country," Karzai said. "If you fail in fulfilling our most important responsibility with regard to our country and our people, then somebody else should take over."