LAHORE - The two political partners the PPP and PML-Q and the PML-N are making their last ditch efforts to secure maximum number of the nine seats of Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly (AJKLA) that fall in Punjab. The Punjab, which shares the largest chunk of AJKLA seats for the refugees of Jammu and Kashmir Valley who are settled in Pakistan, could play a vital role in deciding as to which candidates secure seats in the AJK assembly. Out of the total 41 direct seats of AJKLA, 12 are reserved for the AJK refugees living across Pakistan, and of these nine fall in Punjab. Five AJKLA seats in Punjab are for refugees of Jammu and the remaining four are fixed for refugees of the Valley. More than 30 candidates are contesting for these nine seats. The number of total registered voters of refugees of Jammu settled in Pakistan is around 618,000, while the number of voters of refugees of Valley is around 40,600. Polling in five constituencies in Punjab fixed for refugees of Jammu will be held in around 950 polling stations, while the voting for the four seats allocated to refugees of the Valley will be held in nearly 115 polling stations. It has been learnt that Dr Ahsan who is general secretary of PPP Azad Kashmir (Punjab Wing), is supervising the overall AJKLA polls in the province, while Imtiaz Safdar Warraich, PPP president Punjab, has also formed a caretaker committee to look after the affairs of the elections in the province, with a special emphasis on the provincial capitals constituency LA-37 (Valley-2), which covers Lahore and some parts of Sheikhupura. While, the PML-Q has fielded a single candidate from LA-34 (Jammu-5) that lies in district Gujrat; however, according to an understanding, the PML-Q will support the PPP in other constituencies of AJKLA in Punjab. Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi, president of PML-Q Punjab and senior federal minister will visit Gujrat on the polling day to supervise the election process and to boost the morale of party candidate, while important party leaders will also accompany him. A PML-Q leader told this scribe that PML-Q could give big surprises by ditching the PML-N candidates if they succeed to win over the support of some of the 'Forward Bloc members, as strong vote pockets lie in their constituencies. PML-N, which is the new player in AJKLA polls, has also sent its provincial party ranks into the political battle field to boost the morale of their candidates in a bid to grab maximum seats to establish their claim on Punjab, while Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, PML-N leader looking after the affairs of party candidate from the provincial metropolis, LA-37 (Valley-2). In the case of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference efforts for their candidates in Punjab, Sardar Attique Khan, prime minister AJK and chief of Muslim Conference addressed several public moots and corner meetings of his party contenders via telephone besides sending his aides to Punjab to assist the party candidates, while Sadiq Jaral, coordinator to prime minister AJK is looking after the elections in Punjab. The provincial capital, which is considered to be the stronghold of PML-N, is expected to be centre of the focus regarding AJKLA elections in Punjab. As per the information available with TheNation regarding the political history of the candidates of PPP, PML-N and Muslim Conference from LA-37 (Valley-2), Lahore, the PPP candidate Ghulam Mohiyuddin Deewan is a former MLA and has also been an AJK minister. He contested the last polls on PML-Q ticket, however, he started his political career from the platform of the PPP and secured the same seat once on PPP ticket. Ghulam Abbas Mir, PML-N contender from LA-37 (Valley-2) is the second-timer from the same constituency. Ghulam Abbas too started his political career from PPP and took part in the last AJKLA polls as PPP candidate, however owing to differences with new guard in the PPP, after the death of Benazir Bhutto, Mir joined PML-N. Muslim Conference runner, Khawaja Bashir is a newcomer and started his political career under the umbrella of the Conference. Meanwhile, 13 polling stations have been set up for LA-37 (Valley-2), of which 12 polling stations are in Lahore and one in Sheikhupura, as the stated constituency covers Lahore and Sheikhupura. The number of registered voters in this constituency is 6,768. In the provincial capital, major political forces have established their polling camps in front of 12 polling stations. The political parties have also set up their election camps in front of the polling stations in other parts of the province with the banners and posters of their party candidates and party heads. The banners and posters are inscribed with salient features of each of the partys manifesto, which could help the different political forces to attract the undecided voter. Security arrangements have also been made throughout the province for the safe conduct of the polling for AJKLA. It has been learnt that around 200 police personnel including elite force is deputed to look after the 12 polling stations in the provincial capital, while Rangers will perform their security duties to deal with any untoward incident.