ISLAMABAD - Levelling serious charges of alleged rigging plan worked out by Pakistan Peoples Party in AJK elections to be held in AJK and parts of Pakistan today(Sunday) PML-N coordinator for AJK elections Siddiqul Farooq made it loud and clear that they would not boycott elections like MQM to leave the arena open to PPP. Addressing a press conference here at party central secretariat in Islamabad on Saturday Siddiqul Farooq has expressed concerns over the postponement of elections in three constituencies, ostensibly on security grounds, and said that this step on part of PPP had exposed their undemocratic posture. He said that the people both within the country and abroad have set their eyes on the AJK elections and such attempts on part of the rulers to get the results of their choice would not only bring bad name to the country but would also cause damage to the Kashmir cause. He said that their party would hold corrupt elements accountable and would bring them to justice after winning the elections in the AJK. To a question, he said that AJK polls were not postponed due to federal governments interference when election commission asked that the polls be postponed, he underlined. When his attention was drawn towards the bogus voter lists, he said that his party was very much concerned over this grave irregularity adding that returning officers were also having three voters lists. To another question, he charged that AJK Prime Minister Sardar Attique was blatantly committing the breach of code of conduct evolved by the election commission and using the state machinery in his campaign. He asked the chief election commissioner to take notice of this violation on part of AJK prime minister and bring him to justice. He said PML-N would win AJK polls with overwhelming majority and form government along with its allied parties in AJK.