Foreign Secretaries from both the countries, Nirupama Rao and Salman Bashir, met in Islamabad on Friday but it is a crying shame that India did not seem prepared to take up the Kashmir issue. To all intents and purposes, the meeting was like staging Hamlet without the Prince. All that came out of it was a clichd joint statement and press conference that focused on liberalising the visa regime, enhancing people-to-people contact, resolving to fight terrorism, increasing the current volume of trade, etc. Apart from the uncompromising stand of the Indians, the fault being consistently committed by the Pakistani side is to mould its stand in consonance with the Indian point of view, which is all about giving priority to handing over the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks and cross border infiltration. It is time Pakistan got firm and took part in the dialogue solely on the condition that the discussion will revolve around putting into effect UNSC resolutions on the dispute. It was India itself that took the matter to the UN and tabled the resolutions that called for a free and impartial plebiscite to allow Kashmiris to decide their future. Unfortunately, Islamabad has also been moving away from this stand and even agreed to accept the US self-serving definition terming Kashmir freedom fighters 'terrorists. Thus making it easier for New Delhi to disregard the UN resolutions and turn on its torture apparatus to perpetuate its tyrannical hold over the Valley. What is even more outrageous is the guilty silence of the international community, especially the US over human rights abuses being committed on a daily basis by the Indian army for the past so many years. The US has got the globe under its thumb and does not shy away from invading non-aligned and unfriendly countries and dictating them its world order ostensibly for achieving peace but when it comes to urging India to honour its UNSC resolutions, and find a solution to the nuclear flashpoint in South Asia, it shows hypocrisy of unmatched proportions. It appears President Obama left behind his conscience after winning the election and totally forgot his promise to appoint a special envoy on Kashmir. He had stated that the conflict would be one of his critical tasks if peace in South Asia had to be restored, and only once alluded to the need for the disputes settlement after entering the White House. This depressing picture reveals that our own leaders also have lost interest in the cause of the Kashmiris and only pay lip service to it when needed during an electioneering campaign. The dispute must no longer be ignored. It has been the main source of tension between the two nuclear-armed neighbours and no CBMs other than its just resolution will end the existing state of hostility.