SIALKOT - Terrified villagers have killed a rare pangolin by repeated attacks of bricks, wooden sticks and stones in village Shah Fatah, Pasrur. The local people found a strange pangolin which was coming out from the debris of an ancient building. The people became terrified after seeing 'a very dangerous and strange animal. Some people tied the pangolin with ropes and bashed it to death. The pangolin lost its life at the cruel hands of human being there. Moreover, the 'brave villagers dragged the dead body of the rare animal in village streets to show their 'bravery while beating the dead body with shoes. Later, they hanged the dead body of the slain pangolin in a chowk and then it in nearby fields, providing food for stray dogs and other animals. Some villagers said that the said dangerous animal had terrified all the people thus they punished it to kill. In January 2011, the people of Daska city had also found such rare pangolin from near the banks of Bambaanwala-Ravi-Badian Canal Daska and after feeding it for two days, they showed kindness to the pangolin and they had released pangolin in the said canal. Therefore, conservationists are becoming increasingly worried about the survival of certain species including the pangolin that they believe are under threat or on the verge of extinction due to government negligence as well as the hostile attitude of farmers and other locals. One such species is the Indian pangolin or scaled anteater that is native to the Thar desert and parts of Sindh. A small population of the pangolin - locally known as Chiunti Khor- can be found in natural environments such as riverine forests, karachis beaches, mountains as well as green zones across Sindh.