Mr. Inayatullah has said it all in his article, 'Three cheers for Marvi Memon', published in Saturday's edition. The writer, a retired top ranking civil servant, concluded his piece by calling this gutsy woman politician a "national asset". Indeed, she is. Ms. Memon has done well not to jump into another political party after quitting PML-Q. She should give deep thought to the offers from some parties and make that decision after a thorough assessment of the political situation. For that an extensive mass-contact tour of Pakistan is in order. Abbottabad, the city with a lot of symbolism, is a good starting point for Ms. Memon's campaign, which, after winding through the length and breadth country, should conclude at Quaid's mausoleum in Karachi. At the end of the tour, she would have her hand on the pulse of the nation. It will then be easier for her to decide which political party to join or to form her own. Whatever she chooses to do, the country harkens for her. RAFIA IFTIKHAR ALI, New York, June 25.