It is very commendable that Fauji Fertilizer Company has finalized terms and rates with NEPRA to set up and operate 50 MW wind power plant, in 16 months, to be set up in Gharo to Keti Bandar wind corridor, known to be one of the largest potential wind power corridors in South west Asia. I would urge the FFC to plan and expand this facility to at least 10,000 MW in coming 3-5 years at the speed of 2000 MW wind power addition per year, and I would urge the GOP to give maximum incentives, like duty free import of all equipments, and reduced mark up on all loans, and required land at lowest rates category possible, to FFC to set up such a capacity, in this medium time frame. This potential project will not only rid the country of load shedding in the present day for good, but will also comfortably cater to providing more affordable electric energy in the coming 4-5 years that can be expected with prevailing requirements and potential economic growth, and allow starting new prospective technology for Pakistan like high speed, cheaper electric cargo and passenger trains. The overall impact of the 10 GW of wind power electricity addition in Pakistan will be tremendous as Pakistan will: One: be recognized as a responsible environment friendly country in the comity of nations. Two: Pakistan will save considerably on huge economic losses, which presently economy is facing due to loadshedding. Three: Pakistan will earn additional substantial income through carbon credits. Four: Pakistan will become much more, self-reliant on power production through internally sourced raw material, which is critical for self defense for Pakistan. Five: Pakistan currency will gain some strength and will achieve overall better stability, due saving of hard earned foreign exchange, in medium to long term. Sixth: Pakistan will have potential to develop local manufacture of wind turbines, poles and fans through transfer of technology and could reduce cost of such plants initial set up costs. Seventh: Pakistan could even subsequently export such assembled wind turbines, poles and fans, and potentially earn handsome foreign exchange. Eight: Pakistan could become a net exporter of electric power, with the right policy through wind power and earn foreign exchange, through its supply to energy starved northern and eastern countries. Nine: Pakistan could create many new jobs in the country due to stable power supply, and at slightly reduced rates, which would attract more local/foreign investment in overall industries in Pakistan, and many closed down sick plants could be revived. Tenth: Pakistan could raise its per capita income to more than double, per person in this time frame if 10 GW wind power electricity plant is implemented by FFC & Fauji Foundation in coming 3-5 years. The credit would go to present GOP for good policy and planning if the Economic coordination committee approves and facilitates this project and finalizes all incentives terms and rates for 10GW now, and does ground breaking for it now on the proposed sites, in Gharo Keti Bandar wind corridor. Z H EFFENDI, Karachi, June 23.