Multan PTI Chairman Imran Khan alleged that the foreign powers are giving loans to influence the rulers to use army for killing the innocent people of the country. Addressing a public meeting held to begin his partys movement titled Hakomat Hatawo Mulk Bachawo here at divisional sports ground on Saturday. Khan added that drone attacks caused increase in terrorism in the country. If the Parliament possesses even a little honour, it should resign like Marvi, he suggested. He said that the relatives of those, who were killed in drone attacks, avenged the death of their dear ones as a result of which Pakistanis were being killed on either sides. Imran Khan categorically stated, We cant win so-called American war on terror. This is an unending war and it will crush the backbone of the country. Well fail to uphold the security and solidarity of the country, He questioned the rulers working to deliver, saying that what they (the rulers) were doing to end this war. He said that the PTI had been suggesting for the last seven year that the only way to address the issue was to settle it politically. I am offering the government for the last two years that I am ready to hold talks with the militants but their American masters have not given them NOC, he maintained. He said that the rulers themselves accepted that the so-called war on terror caused $ 68 billion loss to national economy, killed our 35,000 people and made another one million IDP but still did nothing to end this war. If the Americans can talk to Mullah Omar, why cant we do with our own people? He said the PTI took to the streets up to break Nawaz-Zardari partnership, saying their days had been numbered. He said that both President Zardari and Nawaz Sharif were master in match fixing. Both of them jointly ruled Punjab for three years and N League played the role of friendly-opposition. Now theyve come out to befool their voters to prevent them from becoming aware of the fact that that Nawaz Sharif back Zardari, he maintained. He lashed out at PPP and PML-N, saying their days were numbered. He said that the parties currently in power were enjoying rule turn by turn. On one hand their leaders are getting richer while on the other hand people are becoming poorer from poor, he added. He said that the prices of all daily use items registered horrible hike as a result of which 50 percent Pakistanis lived their lives below poverty line. Over 90 million people can hardly get meal twice a day, he added. He blasted the rulers and their associates for evading tax.