KARACHI  - At least 20 people were abducted and killed after brutal torture in violence that sparked in reaction of the killing of a gangster’s father in Lyari.

Law-enforcement agencies remained silent over the situation while innocent residents of Lyari and surrounding areas have been suffering due to the so-called ethnic warfare between the Urdu, Katchi and Balochi-speaking inhabitants. 

Residents of Lyari and surrounding areas while talking to The Nation said that intermittent clashes have been continued in the area.

In a clash occurred last week in Dhobi Ghat and Usmanabad area of Lyari, 20 people were killed within three days when assailants namely Zeeshan and Arsalan along with their accomplices entered the area of Usmanabad and sprayed bullets at a motor mechanic shop. Motor mechanic Shaukat Ali was shot dead and a customer Shahzad was wounded in the incident. Police officials on condition of anonymity revealed that Lyari gangsters targeted Ali because he was associated with the MQM. The police confirmed that soon after the killing of Ali, some gunmen shot dead the father of above said gangsters Shahjahan aka Badshah Khan, resident of Lashkari Village area of Garden. 

Following the reaction of Ali’s killing, at least 18 others have also been picked up and killed after severe torture but authorities didn’t take any action. As the news Badshah Khan spread out in Lyari on June 19, an activist of MQM namely Waseem Siddiq was the first victim shot dead in Agra Taj Colony, Lyari within Kalri police remits.

The second activist of MQM Farhan Ismail, 26, was passing through the Lyari when he picked up and tortured brutally before throwing his shot dead body near Lyari Riverbed, Macchar Colony within Docks police. Another worker Irfan Qasim, also abducted and his tortured body found from Lyari, within Baghdadi police remits. Deceased rickshaw driver took the passenger to Lyari when gangsters abducted him.

A Kashif Qadir affiliated with Katchi community have also been abducted and killed similarly in Chakiwara police station.

Docks Police found another shot dead body of a youth from Mewashah graveyard within the jurisdiction of Pak Colony police station.

Abduction and killing of people was continued in the surrounding areas of Lyari and on June 20, Garden Police found an ill-fated father Abdul Wahid Memon and his son 18-year-old Bilal Memon while Kalri and Docks Police found two more tortured bodies.

The criminals also shot dead a cop Rashid Ali near Kuttiyana Memon Hospital, Kharadar within the remits of Baghdadi police station.

The bloodbath continued on third consecutive day as pillion riders shot dead Nadeem Sharif in Shairshah area while a businessman Haji Altaf also killed in Keamari area.