Dongzhuangtou, China: Chinese artist Pu Derong makes these incredibly intricate carvings on the most tricky surface imaginable - eggshells. 

The 40-year-old artist managed to teach himself the extraordinary skill of making three-dimensional images on the wafer-thin surfaces of eggs.

Mr Derong, from Dongzhuangtou Village in northern China, could not afford art school but after hundreds of broken eggs, he finally cracked it.

Mr Derong needs to keep a very steady hand, as one wrong move can destroy hours of painstaking work.

He uses his artistry mainly to recreate traditional Chinese symbols and animals, such as pandas, peacocks and dragons.

Mr Derong, who started egg carving in 1995, has won several awards in various contests and exhibitions for his unusual skill. Although egg carving is more commonly done using a fine diamond bit on an electric rotary tool, he manages to create the same effect by just using a carving knife. He concentrates on carving the whole egg in one sitting, carefully following his sketched design on the shell.

Because of all the calcium in the surface, luckily the incredibly time-consuming and skillful process is preserved for a long time.–MD