Khushalgarh Bridge, the only road link among Kohat, Rawalpindi and Attock, will be closed for one month for maintenance and repairing purpose. The closure of the bridge over the River Indus will affect the passengers of rail and other vehicles as they will face difficulties in reaching these districts from the other destinations. During the repair work, the people will have to cross the bridge by foot while the public service vehicles would be available on both the ends of the bridge to facilitate them after crossing about one kilometer bridge by foot. The act will cause lot of inconvenience to ladies, children, ill and aged people in the scorching heat. People belonging to Kohat, Attock and other cities said that no doubt repair of the bridge was necessary but this should have been planned in December as walking on foot in winter is comparatively easy and less troublesome.  A source of Pakistan Railways said that the repair of this bridge was scheduled by the authorities and now nothing could be done against it. This scribe tried to contact the Divisional Superintendent Railways for his comments but he was not available. Noticeably, another bridge near Khushal Garh bridge is being built by NHA at a cost of Rs1 billion and hopefully will complete by the end of this year.