A passengers’ van at Sat Sira Chowk here caught fire due to leakage of gas. As soon as the fire erupted, the passengers jumped out of the vehicle and saved their lives. However, the van was turned into wreckage.Meanwhile, transporters in the district observed a strike against the ban on gas kits in public service vehicles. The strike caused immense difficulties to the commuters. However, casual vehicles were seen plying on the roads.FIREWORKS SEIZED IN SHEIKHUPURA: City A and B Divisions police have booked dozens of youth for setting off fireworks on Shab-e-Barat. The police have impounded fireworks from different stalls set up in various areas of the city. The sellers on seeing the police party succeeded to flee from their stalls. Shab-e-Barat, the night of blessing and glory, was observed throughout the district with traditional zeal and solemnity. In this connection, special prayers were held during special gatherings at mosques and homes where people prayed for safety, prosperity and forgiveness. The mosques, buildings, bazaars, streets and houses’ front were decorated with colourful lights. Special worship was also observed by the people to seek blessing of Allah Almighty and forgiveness for their sins. The women arranged special prayers in their houses. A large number of people also visited graveyards to pray for their near and dear ones. Strict security measures were also adopted by the police and other law enforcement institutions.