Miramas, France


Here’s something to raise French spirits after they were named Europe’s gloomiest people - a water-splash recreation of their beloved Eiffel Tower.

According to polls this week the country appears to have lost its famous joie de vivre. But maybe this droplet artwork can reinvigorate their sense of national pride.  The patriotic image was created by French photographer Vincent Xeridat, 30, from Miramas, Provence, France. He said: ‘I wanted a picture of my beautiful flag in my gallery and what’s more representative than the Eiffel Tower to illustrate France?’

To create his work, he first fills a square vase to the brim with coloured water.

He then uses a pipette to release droplets and create tiny splashes.

A macro lens, flashgun and reflex enclosure allow him to capture the rebounds in detail at 1/2000 of a second.

It takes Mr Xeridat up to three hours to capture an image he is happy with.

For the Eiffel Tower image he superimposed three different water droplet shots on top of each other using digital software.

Some of his other images, which have tailored backgrounds, include water droplets shaped like cowboys, aliens and mushrooms.

And although he is happy with the final result of the Eiffel Tower image, he is not 100 per cent convinced it will cheer his nation up completely.

He added: ‘The French are well-known for griping - even when all goes well.’