MIRALI - The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has said that dialogue option will open, if the elected government appears to take a stand against the country's intelligence agencies.

In a new video appeared on Tuesday, TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan and member of its Shura (council) Dr Asad have conveyed that though the TTP has not rejected the option of talks, present circumstances are not conducive for negotiations.

The spokesman claims in the video that TTP is closely monitoring the policies and activities of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Isaaf (PTI) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and PML-N in the centre.

Ehsan said: "If we see the development that political government is able to control the intelligence agencies and is competent of taking independent decisions then the TTP could re-think over holding peace talks with the government."

The Awami National Party (ANP) has been targeted because it became a party to the war on terror and the TTP is monitoring policies and views of the newly elected provincial government of the PTI, he added.

Ehsan welcomed the opening of Afghanistan Taliban office in Doha for the purpose of bringing peace to Afghanistan and the region. The spokesman said opening of office in Doha for peace talks is in the interest of Muslims.

Ehsan said: “TTP had vowed allegiance to Mullah Omar and that any decision taken by the Afghan Taliban chief would be accepted. The media monger negative propaganda against them to spread mistrust among the Taliban.”  

Ehsan said that some groups in the guise of Afghan Taliban tried to attack the TTP but the interference of Afghan Taliban on the demand of the TTP has foiled the conspiracy.

Ehsan lamented whenever TTP and Pakistani government advanced to hold peace talks, the Americans with the ground support of Pakistani intelligence agencies killed the TTP leaders. In the recent past when the newly elected government and the TTP were planning of holding peace talks, the prominent leader Waliur Rehman was targeted by the US with the help of Pakistani intelligence agencies to sabotage peace efforts. It was propagated through the media that TTP commander Hakeemullah Mehsud had hand in glove in targeting Waliur Rehman.

He said after the killing of Waliur Rehman, the TTP Shura unanimously decided to suspend peace talks with the government, blaming that 80 percent information to the US drone strikes are provided by intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

Ehsan denied his group's involvement in the killing of two PTI MPAs. “The TTP is not involved in the killing of the two MPAs, rather agencies are involved in their killing. “Political parties who were coalition partners in the previous government were targeted because of their wrong policies.”

He said the TTP was involved in targeting polio vaccinators but it had some reservations regarding the vaccination campaign. “There will be no controversy, if the reservations are addressed. In the guise of vaccinators, they try to spy like it was done in the case of Osma bin Laden.

Eshan asked the internally displace persons (IDPs) of Mehsud tribe to abstain from returning to South Waziristan because the TTP fighters were still launching successful attacks on the military.

“These attacks are not known to public because government has denied access of media to the region.”

He has claimed that the TTP network is present from Kashmir to Khyber and from Karachi to Balochistan. “The TTP network is successfully operating and launching attacks against the government.”

Ehsan said: “The TTP is against Karzai, India and Pakistani intelligence agencies. It is being wrongly blamed for having ties with India or Karzai government.

Ehsan said that Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Goru were both part of independence of Kashmir movement, saying that the TTP would free Kashmir from the clutches of Indian government and would bring the region under the Islamic Shariah rule in Pakistan.