Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court Dost Muhammad Khan’s statement that political and military leadership should offer itself for accountability is the right call that ought to be heeded. One would agree with his contention that if a cabal of such individuals were subjected to the process of law, it would hold out an example for others of their ilk and deter the growth of evil.Justice Khan has made a clarion call to drive out unscrupulous political and military office holders out of the society, which should be followed. He even gave the warning that this is the last opportunity we have to make that possible. The accountability process ought to be across the board; but it is easier said than done. Although in Pakistan a wave of change is coming and has already resulted in many positive developments, to net the big fishes who have milked the country dry is still a tall order. Justice suffers when it is discriminatory and when a powerful individual is able to get away with his crime through sheer muscle power. During the past many years, we have seen even a cold war among the various institutions of the state simply because the objective was to shield some corrupt members of the elite. A major challenge is that we have to see to it that accountability is across the board. For those who have to implement the law and those who have to define and interpret it, there should be no fear of what the aggrieved party might say. The society needs justice in true sense of the word, which requires it is meted out without any fear or favour. A class of citizens that Justice Khan is referring to has for long enjoyed immunity from law. As a result the country finds itself on a precipice of economic and security paradigm.The philosophy of law is that it is dispensed so that it can deter the people from stooping to a certain kind of behaviour; and with our culture of defiance and making a travesty of courts and authorities, that fear has not been instilled. Hence we see the kind of evils attitudes and acts that have come to shape the society.