KARACHI - The opposition MPAs in Sindh Assembly while taking part in discussion on annual budget came down hard on PPP government over deteriorating law and order situation while the treasury benches termed the budget as pro-people.

PPP’s MPA Murad Ali Shah while taking the floor to initiate the debate said that education sector was facing decline as fake recruitments were conducted in the education department, beside overall the quality of the education also deteriorated.

He suggested the government to form a board comprises of honest and reputable professionals to make recruitments of teachers in the education department.

“Despite allocating huge amount annually, the health sector’s performance is not up to the mark as medicines are not available at government hospitals for poor patients.”

PPP MPA further said that development of rural areas would only way to decrease the burden of flux of population from the big cities. MQM’s Kamal Ahmed emphasised for basic facilities including training, education, health and salary package for the police.

PTI’s Samar Ali Khan underlined the need on all the legislators to work together for betterment of Sindh. He opined that education, health and other all sectors were deteriorating in the province so we should get united for the interest of the province.

He said that all the legislators and government offices must get the medical facilities from the government hospitals, which could restore public confidence and bring the betterment in the public sector organizations.

He said that despite the deficit budget, the austerity measures at the government level are missing, proposing the government to decrease the protocol of the ministers and show simplicity in their living standards. He said that discretionary allocations and legislators’ budget had been increased to Rs12.5 billion, which was injustice to the people of Sindh.

Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza in her budget speech came down hard against the federal government’s move to snatch the GST on services, hoping that PML-N’s government will honor the resolution of Sindh Assembly.

She underlined the need to empower the Standing Committees of Sindh Assembly to monitor the implementation of provincial budget, advising the government to hire charted accountants for transparent audit of the funds of the province.

She also criticised for lack of implementation on financial rules and advised the government to implement the rules of Sindh Procurement Regulation Authority in purchase of goods and machinery of development schemes as well as other material. She also emphasised withdrawing of police cops serving to retired government officers.

Agriculture Minister Ali Nawaz Mahar said that industrial waste flowing from the Punjab was damaging the agriculture lands in Ghotki district, bordering district of Sindh with Punjab.

He also demanded job quota for Ghotki people in the gas fields and other factories located in the district. He emphasised on all the parties to get united to evolve a joint strategy against the terrorism. MQM’s Abdul Haseeb said that like the NFC award, the Sindh government should transfer resources to the districts through the Provincial Finance Commission. He said that Karachi was burning as common people and professionals were not safe here.

PML-N’s Humayun Khan also criticised the PPP government over deteriorating law and order in Karachi. He demanded the government to get the police from the political clutches of politics.

MQM’s Naila Muneer demanded the government to announce the schedule of local government elections.

PPP’s Nawab Taimour Talpur came down hard on the PML-N, saying that federal government has not allocated a single penny for the Thar Coal project, which is the only source to get the country out of energy crisis. He advised the PML-N’s federal government to cooperate with the provinces as time of pulling each others’ legs has gone, so we should work together for the betterment of the country. MQM’s Ashfaq Mangi hoped that corruption will not flourish in present PPP regime in Sindh.

He said that despite the less number of 25 ministers and advisors under 18th amendment, the budget for the ministers raised to Rs356 million in the annual budget for next fiscal from the Rs354 million of 68 ministers of outgoing year.

PPP’s Erum Khalid, Mahesh Malani and others also spoke on the budget. Later, the Speaker adjourned the House till Wednesday (today).