Pakistan cricket team has been struggling for a long time and now it has ushered in the era of defeat and disrespect by making a poor show in Champions Trophy in England. We have seen many transformations of many teams like Australia, West Indies and England but no example can be quoted about Pakistan. PCB has not tried at all to improve the team or its performance.

As a nation we have stooped too low on moral and ethical values; the same menace has crept into the PCB that has failed to discharge its duties efficiently and diligently. Despite hefty salaries and lucrative perks enjoyed by PCB high-up’s its performance is still below average. On one hand, we have deprived ourselves of international cricket owing to monster of terrorism and on the other hand; we have landed on our faces in the Champions Trophy. Such an irresponsible attitude by national cricket team calls for enquiry as to why the players failed miserably, despite one month’s training in Abbottabad, assisted by a bevy of coaches. The shameful performance and the shameless attitude of our players broke the heart of thousands of cricket lovers back home. This is the time to give a complete overhaul to our team.

All the extra-burden must be shed off. Imran Farhat, Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal, Misbah ul Haq, Mohammad Hafeez all are dead wood for national cricket team and must be sent packing without further ado. Simultaneously, overhauling of PCB is also required some old timers are just leaches sucking up public money by giving themselves enormous monetary benefits and delivering nothing.

All these white elephants must be removed from their offices, the bowling, batting, and fielding coaches should not be paid their contract money, as they neither improved the player's skill nor proved beneficial during Champions Trophy tournament. It is irony of our fate that we do not methodically dig out causes of our failure after big events which causes recurrence of same mistakes. All the advices of cricket experts fall on deaf ears of PCB, the root cause of all evils in cricket teams. We as a nation are passing through a very difficult time and a soft image can only be achieved through good performance in sports and arts to prove our metal.


Islamabad, June 16.