LAHORE - Punjab Assembly on Tuesday approved the budgetary grants for the Police and Education departments, rejecting the cut motions presented by the opposition.

The government had sought approval of Rs70.52billion for the Police department and Rs31.50billion additional grant for the education.

The opposition tabled a motion to cut this allocation. The opposition members criticised the police performance and noted that the police had failed to protect life and property but indulged in fake shootouts under political directions. 

They said the police stations are considered a symbol of fear among the common man while the department is ill reputed for inefficiency and corruption.

Law Minister Rana Sanaullah countered the opposition and said all accusations against the police were not true, admitting that much needed to be done to improve the performance of the police.  He said the government was doing its best to maintain law and order, besides ensuring protection for the life and property.

“The government is introducing rudimentary changes in the police department and modelling it after the Turkish and Dubai police.”

He categorically denied that the police shootouts had any political backing.  He informed the house that 100 model police stations were set up and a state of art forensic lab was operational to provide best service to the masses from the police department.

Resisting the education budget, the opposition Members of Punjab Aseemly said that Daanish schools were against the theme of uniform education system. The project is costing the enrolment of 7 million children.

They slammed laptops, ujala and other schemes, saying that funds should be transferred to restoring the schools which are being used as cattle-shed. 

Education Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad vehemently opposed the criticism and said by taking revolutionary steps in education sector the government was in fact realising a vision to safe future of the country.

He said: “Daanish schools and Education Endowment Fund are providing a foundation to the talented children of the poor class to come up to the level of those studying in the most expensive and high standard institutions.

The government has announced education emergency to enrol 7million children at the primary level.” He denied the existence of ghost schools in the province.

He said the government had developed infrastructure in schools by providing missing facilities, setting up IT Labs, recruiting 80,000 educators and initiating teachers training programme. “The government is bringing legislation to make the elite schools to admit 10 percent poor students.”

The matter was put before the house which rejected the cut motion and justified the said budgetary grant.

Earlier, remarks of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid’s Amir Sultan Cheema against the lady Members of Punjab Assembly of the treasury created a scene in the house.

The women Members of Punjab Assembly made loud cries, demanding apology from Cheema who called them ‘homesick.’ But Cheema remained unmoved which inflamed the lady Members of Punjab Assembly and deafening shouts and disorder overtook the house when ladies on both sides traded slogans.

Opposition Leader Mian Mahmoodur Rashid held the Treasury responsible for the unruly scene while the speaker threatened Cheema of expulsion if he did not offer apology as his remarks had started the commotion.

Rana Sanaullah said the Treasury wanted to go on with the proceedings and holding it responsible for the situation was incorrect.

Cheema said he did not say anything against the women members. The situation became normal when the chair pushed up the proceedings on the cut motions.