LAHORE (PR): The Pakistan Dairy Association has welcomed the government’s decision to revert to zero-rated tax on the processed milk industry. It said in a statement that the decision to reinstate zero rating, as a part of the 2013-2014 budget, would positively impact the dairy sector. The new tax policy would reduce costs of the milk processing industry and the price of packaged milk would be kept in check.

The Pakistan Dairy Association has thanked the government for reinstating the zero rating regime as this would sustain continuous growth of the dairy sector and good quality milk would continue to be available to the consumer at an affordable cost.

The Association said the decision would also have a positive effect on the dairy sector and the government would stand to earn more revenues as a result. The dairy farmers across the country would greatly benefit from this decision and increased foreign investment in the industry would pave the way for the ‘White Revolution’ with benefits for all stakeholders.