LAHORE  - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that the PML-N government is determined to transform Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state in true sense.

The CM was talking to assembly members and delegations from various districts during meetings in Raiwind and Model Town on Tuesday. He said the people gave a historic chance to the PML-N due to its unprecedented services and glorious performance in the past.  “And now every effort will be made by the PML-N government to come up to the expectations of the people and set examples of public service.”

He said the masses had rejected those who were involved in corruption and oppression. “They reposed faith in the PML-N and elected a leadership which is honest, hardworking and dedicated. The PML-N leadership is fully aware of the challenges and problems being faced by the country. The work has been started on war footing to steer the country out of the quagmire of crises. The goal of national progress and prosperity will be achieved and Pakistan will be transformed into an Islamic welfare state in the real sense as was envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal.”

The CM said that a balanced and public-friendly budget was presented which would help in realising the dream of economic development of the province.

He said that the Punjab government was following the policy of austerity and simplicity during the last five years and by adhering to this policy, non-developmental expenditure was substantially curtailed.

He said that solid measures would be taken for providing excellent services to the masses as well as good governance while no compromise would be made on merit and transparency.  Shahbaz Sharif said that 100 model police stations were set up in Punjab for restoring people’s faith in police. “The police force will be modernised and cooperation of Turkey and Dubai police will be acquired for this purpose.”

He said that a major portion of Pakistani population comprises youth and the destiny of the country can be changed by providing opportunities of progress to the young generation.  He said the Punjab government was launching various projects for the development and welfare of the youth including provision of interest-free loans and internship programme for the graduates.