LAHORE  - Additional Secretary General, PPPP, Senator Raza Rabbani on Tuesday criticised the Federal government for unscheduled power outages in Punjab, especially in Lahore.

“The PPP was criticised in the past by the PML-N for not addressing the issue of loadshedding; but today when it is in the government, the situation is getting from bad to worse”, he said in a Press statement.

Senator Rabbani said that unscheduled loadshedding in Punjab had reached an alarming level adding to public woes in a hot and humid weather. The PPP government, he said, had controlled unscheduled power outages to a greater extent and the situation was not that bad as it was today.  He said the announcement by the government regarding payment of circular debt to the IPPs within 60 days had no visible impact on loadshedding hours which are increasing day by day.

He was of the view those peoples miseries resulting out of power outages could be lessened by, adding, some megawatts into the system and keeping the outages in a schedule.  He urged the govt to take practical steps to resolve energy crisis instead of making hollow claims in this regard.

He said that PML-N government which used to criticise the PPP government in the past had now come to realise the difficulties facing the previous regime.