ISLAMABAD  - The flourishing seasonal tourism in Northern Areas has been immediate victim of the terrorist attack, as 10 foreign tourists including a Pakistani guide were targeted at tourists base camp in Nanga Parbat.

"The incident has wrecked the local tourism industry as all the foreign tourists have either left the region or are in process of packing up," industry sources told The Nation in background discussions and interviews on Tuesday.

Those who had come for mountaineering and trekking have already left the area while those including Pakistanis and foreign tourists who were visiting the Gilgit and Baltistan were also in process of leaving.

They were of the view that terrorist attack would leave far-reaching implications on the tourism industry, the main source of livelihood for many local residents. "All the hotels and motels used to cater for the needs of tourists have been closed following the terrorist attack," a Gilgit based tour operator Ansir Khan said. He said bookings done by the foreign travelers for seasonal tourism have been cancelled, and so was the case with Pakistani tourists who normally travel to Northern Areas during the peak summer season.

Nawazish Akhtar, who runs hotel business, maintained that the incident has played havoc with the booming hotel business as most of them have been closed.

"The terrorist attack is major shock for hotel business, and will have far reaching impact on the business," Akhtar said, adding that industry would need enough time to recover from the shock.

He was of the view that unless the government takes bold steps to restore the confidence of the investors the tourism industry in the region would not revive.

He further said that it was premature to make assessment of economic losses at this point of time as the local investors and business concerns were still in a state of shock as they had lost their businesses they planned for the season.