NEW YORK: The Wanted have revealed their hopes for new single Walks Like Rihanna – saying they want to see it end Robin Thicke’s reign at number one.

The R&B singer’s track Blurred Lines spent a fourth week in pole position on Sunday’s chart, seeing off competition from Jason Derulo’s latest effort The Other Side.

However Walks Like Rihanna is selling well, having already soared to number three in the iTunes chart behind Thicke and Derulo. And band member Siva Kaneswaren has said the band are hopeful the song can go all the way to the top.

‘I think it’s top five now so we just need to wait and see how the week moves on,’ Siva told the website Digital Spy.

‘I think if it stays consistently well we can beat Robin Thicke. He needs to be knocked off!’ He added: ‘We get into the charts and we’re always up against somebody. If I’m honest I think that we’re very lucky. Not many boybands get to the top five with every single. ‘We’re not trying to prove anything, we just want to make good music. If we get to number one then great, but it could be so much worse.’–MN